At Djays Market Place, we're always looking for qualified candidates who are dedicated to going the extra mile for our customers.  Please inquire through our Contact Us page, or click one

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Stores, Attractions & Accoutrements



  • Fine jewelry and watch stores
  • Five-star dining establishments
  • Luxury spas and salons
  • Upscale retail stores​

About Us

Business Opportunities

Djays Market Place started twenty years ago with the idea that consumers should have a shopping, dining, and entertaining destination that rivals any found in the free world. To that end, we've launched some  amazing online shopping  malls--each one unique, but all delivering on the promise our founders made years ago.

By having the most upscale stores, the best five-star dining, and the most outrageous entertainment venues ever found in the region, we've solidified our reputation as the top providers of unforgettable experiences. And by making customer service the highest of our priorities, we're positioned to delight you, your friends, and your family for years to come.